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5 Easy Outdoor Decorating Tips

Five easy decorating tricks can make your space feel and look more welcoming.

  • Clear out the Clutter – There is nothing worse than packing your space with too much stuff. Clear wandering shrubbery, excess potted plants and daily litter to get started on the right foot. Consider using a plant stand for a more organized appearance. We have a wide selection of planters, stands and fountains here.
  • Open the Way – Move furniture out and away from walkways to create a welcoming environment. I suggest placing smaller and shorter pieces of furniture in the middle of the space and taller along walls. Hint: If you can see the floor, the space will look bigger. Find the perfect furniture piece for your outdoor living space here.
  • Color Scheme – Choose colors, textures and fabrics that reflect the intended mood of the space. Dark, warm colors will make a space feel cozy and intimate. Light, cool colors will make a space feel open and airy. Don’t get carried away with just one color, contrasting colors help break up a space if used correctly. You can select a new color accent with a variety of cushions and accent pillows.
  • Coordinate Furniture – Select furniture pieces that do not interrupt the flow of the space. A well-chosen conversation piece is a thoughtful addition to any space, but keep them to a minimum. The same goes with furniture; using a few larger and simpler pieces of furniture (instead of multiple smaller piece) will appear more calm and comfortable.
  • Lighting – Incorporate accent lighting to complete the final look of the space. Check out our selection of outdoor lighting for your patio here.

Following these five tips will create an intimate space that will allow your guests to feel comfortable and welcome.