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Christmas Tree FAQs

Q: What is the best way to shape my tree?
 Start at the top and work from the inside of the tree towards the front tips by shaping the
tips up and outward. Keep the bottom of the branches flat. You will always want to start
from the top, so you don’t crush the branches that you have already shaped.

Q: What do I do if my tree does not have a stand in the box?
 Contact us mailto:[email protected] or call 877-230-3419 and
we will ship you a stand immediately.

Q: How will my tree look over years of use?
 All of our trees are designed for heavy use. All the trees have heavy gauge needles and
extremely durable wires. The average life expectancy of an artificial tree is 10 years
with proper care.

Q: Will any of the trees cause allergies?
 All of our trees are hypo-allergenic.

Q: How do I store my tree?
 Save the original box. Dismantle the tree sections and flatten the branches so they fit
into the box. Store the box in a dry place. If you prefer to not put the tree back in
the original box, we recommend a storage bag.

Q: Do extra lights come with the trees?
 Extra bulbs and fuses are included with your tree.

Q: Are there directions for assembling the tree? 
A: Every tree comes with directions and a diagram on how to assemble.

Q: What is the warranty for the trees?
A: STRUCTURAL REPAIRS– All structural defects are covered for a period of 5 years.
Seasonal Concepts will repair at our option the defective item or part.  Repair or replacement
may not be exact and the manufacturer’s acceptable replacement part may be used at our option.
The limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, negligence
normal wear or outdoor use.

     PRE-LIT TREE REPAIR – The lights on a pre-lit tree are warranted for 1 season from DATE OF PURCHASE.
If a bulb burns out it should be replaced at once.  Failure to replace burned out bulbs will result in a
shorter lifespan. The result of this will be blacked burned out bulbs.  Failure to replace burned
out bulbs or misuse of this product will void the warranty.

Q: Are the hinges on the tree branches plastic or metal?
 The hinges on our trees are made out of steel

Q: Are your trees flame retardant?
A: Yes. We use top grade 100% flame retardant PVC and our PE products are also 100%
flame retardant.

Q: Do I get a stand with my tree?
 Every tree includes a stand suited for its height and weight. All the stands are steel.

Q: What is the difference between PE and PVC?
 PE and PVC The majority of artificial Christmas trees are made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride),
PE (Poly-Ethylene), or a combination of the two. Until recently, most trees were made
exclusively from PVC. Polyethylene trees (PE) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) trees are both
made of plastic but a PE tree is made of molded plastic, based on branches cut from a real
tree therefore PE trees do look more realistic. PVC needles are less expensive to produce
than PE needles as they take less plastic material to produce. Until recently the most popular
artificial Christmas trees were constructed with PVC needles. These needles created
a “bottle brush” effect. Additional layers of plastic resulted in a stronger and more rigid
needle. Higher quality needles have many layers of plastic. PE needles are produced by an
injected molding system to create a cluster of branches and needles. Real tree branches are
used as forms to create the molds, so PE trees have a remarkably realistic appearance.
High-quality molded branches and needles have a gently rounded surface with few rough
edges and crush-resistant needles. The soft needle is flexible and soft to the touch.
Seasonal Concepts Online has designed many of their trees for almost forty years. To keep
the cost down and give the tree the realistic effect, we have placed PVC tips in the backs of
the branches to add fullness.

Q: How do we measure the height of the tree?
A: All of our trees are measured in the stand from the floor to the tip of the top branch.

Q: What happens if a bulb burns out on my pre-lit trees?
 If bulb burns out the rest will remain lit. However, if a bulb is pulled out of the socket that
branch will go dark.

Q: What happens if only part of my tree is lit?
 Check the following areas:
• Check to see if all the connections are plugged in and properly connected.
• Check to see if there is a loose bulb, or if a bulb has popped out of its socket.
• Check for bad fuses. Unplug the light set and hold the end connection that has the plug on
it. Look for the sliding door that reads open – slide with the arrow. Slide the plastic door
down – it will move towards the plug. Inside will be two small fuses, the bad fuse will be
grey in color. There are replacement fuses inside the new light box. Take out the new fuse
and change out the old. Close the cover and plug back in. If you have exhausted all these
options, call our customer service 877-230-3419 number for further assistance.

Q: Do the lights have twist-proof sockets?
A: Yes, all the bulbs are twist-proof and have a lock cap.

Q: Are the lights attached with clips?
 Yes, our lights securely attached to the branches with clips.

Q: If I am lighting my own trees, how many lights do I put on my tree?
 100 lights per foot. If you have a 7.5’ Tree, we recommend using 800 lights.

Q: Are the lights UL approved?
 All of our lights are UL approved

Q: What is Always Lit Technology?
A: Always Lit Technology is a brand new technology with 5,000 hours of life. No more
frustration looking for that missing bulb. When one or more bulb is burned out, removed or
broken, all others continue to work. The bulbs burn at a cooler temperature; this means safer
for your children and less risk of fire.

Q: What are LED Lights?
A: LED Christmas lights are becoming more and more popular with their longer lasting bulbs, low
energy consumption, and great variety of styles. LED technology offers the ability to
generate light longer with less degradation, at cooler temperatures, and at a lower cost per
lumen than traditional lights. Since LED’s have no filament, there is nothing to burn out and
no need for a breakable bulb. Without the burning filament, very little heat is produced.
• LED lights are ecologically friendly to the environment.
• 80% less electricity use than regular Christmas Lights
• Brilliant colors that won’t fade
• Permanent bulbs never fall out
• Use 20 sets for 20 hours for under 10¢ of electricity

Q: What do I do when a light bulb burns out?
A: All you have to do is purchase more bulbs and replace them. You can find the replacement
bulbs at many stores nationwide.

Q: What happens after the light warranty is over?
 With proper care and proper maintenance by replacing bulbs and safety fuses as needed
throughout the years, the wiring should remain in good working condition. The light warranty
itself only covers shorts, cut wires, or defects in the circuitry. Any time a bulb burns out on
a string this is not covered under the light warranty. This is the customers’ responsibility.