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Best Vacation Spot: Your Own Backyard

The dog days of summer are approaching… are you looking to escape for an affordable yet convenient “vacation”?  Try your own backyard, think of it as your own personal oasis.

Here are my 10 Tips to creating a “staycation” in your own surroundings:

  1. For a small investment add some new colors with replacement cushions.  New cushions can bring your old furniture back to life and not hurt your wallet.
  2. Brighten your outdoors with a new umbrella.  Brings a new look to your entire set of patio furniture. This is perfect for still feeling the warmth of outside without having the sun in your eyes.
  3. Keep your chairs, but change out your dining table.  Go from glass top to the durable cast aluminum. To have a nice table to do crafts or games on is always a good idea and a good time!
  4. Bring the element of sound to your outdoor living space with beautiful wind chimes. The calming sounds will bring the spa to your backyard.
  5. Add a chaise lounge to bring new dimension to your outdoor living area.
  6. Love your sling chairs?  This is a perfect spot for a comfortable afternoon nap.
  7. Add some colorful throw pillows (good for that nap) to spruce-up your outdoor furniture. Mix and matching with pillows can bring your furniture back to life.
  8. Create a new centerpiece by adding a fire pit that also serves as a beverage cooler.  Here your family can have that camping atmosphere while roast marshmallows or hot dogs over the fire.
  9. An ottoman or pouf can be used to prop up your feet or be additional seating, to make sure everyone is always at easy in your backyard vacation.
  10. Preserve the finish on your deck and accessorize your living space with outdoor rugs.   Rugs create a completed touch to your outdoor retreat.

Remember you can have a family game night, a day of sunbathing, a girls’ night with margaritas or a romantic dinner for two all in your own backyard.  It’s just about creating that perfect atmosphere.  #Staycation