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Christmas Holiday Tablescapes

We’re in the final countdown to Christmas, with little more than a week left.  I’ve accomplished my Ultimate Holiday Preparation Checklist and am now focusing on the minute details.  Rather than just eating on the holiday china, I decided it would be a fun time to create an entire atmosphere surrounding Christmas dinner.  My goal?  The perfect tablescape.

Focal Point

The focal point of your tablescape is the most important feature, and it sets the tone and overall theme of the meal.  It is the centerpiece, eye-catcher and conversation starter.  For holiday tablescapes, don’t be afraid to use over-sized items.  Items can be removed from the table for dinner, but to start, you’re aiming for the “wow” factor.

Seasonal Concepts offers Santa in many different sizes and colors, many would create a beautiful focal point.  Fun, fancy and festive!

Color Scheme

Set a color scheme using two or three solids, with metals as accents.  For Christmas themes, I suggest red and green with gold accents or red and white with silver accents.  These combinations are easily coordinated with the merry holiday décor!  Your color scheme should always add to your overall tablescape, but never distract from your focal point.

Layers & Accents

Layers and accents are important for both dimension and personality.  Excessive amounts of decoration are fine, if the tablescape comes together and all items are drawing attention to the focal point and overall theme.  Think “outside of the box” when choosing accents for your tablescape.  Candles, holly branches, berries, small wrapped boxes, evergreen branches and flowers can all be added and have potential to make amazing additions.

Dishware & Place Settings

Place mats are often overlooked because tablecloths are more convenient, but I suggest using both!  A subtle detail like a solid place mat on a patterned tablecloth can change your entire look, while adding more color and dimension.  Focus your dishware efforts on items that can be stacked and are different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and textures.  Use different serving trays and plates to add to the décor. Every setting should have a focal dish, whether a plate or bowl, and this dish should make an effort to match with the centerpiece, tying your entire tablescape together.

Secondary Theme

In addition to your color scheme and overarching theme, a secondary theme is always a good idea.  This keeps your patterns focused, but is a relief to the solids.  For Christmas, peppermint, snowflakes, presents and lights are always great secondary themes.  They’re complex enough to distract from the constant solid, but simple enough to add to the primary theme.


Finally, be sure to always send your guests home with a small favor.  At this time of year, my favorite party favor is candy.  Candy can be munched at anytime, is small enough as to not take up too much space on the table and the wrappers are always so festive at this time of year!  Use the different shines and colors to your advantage or unwrap and throw in ornate dishes like some peppermint in a sparkling crystal candy dish.