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Focus On Gathering

The focus of this week is gathering!  Gathering with your friends and family for Thanksgiving and then gathering your supplies: wrapping and tissue paper, bows and ribbons, tape, cards, envelopes, stamps and shipping supplies. Next, look in your pantry and make a list of non-pershible items to stock up on for holiday cooking and baking. Also this week, you should finish any Thanksgiving decorating that is left. Simple is best. You want something that is easy to take down and store, making way for more elaborate Christmas decor.

Even though you’re working hard on your checklist, don’t forget to make time for loved ones. Spend some quality time with the kids or grandkids, letting them aid in accomplishing the checklist and let them know you appreciate their help. This Pilgrim Pal is a cute and fun project to let the kids help add to the decorations. Let each child make his/her Pilgrim Pal unique, and it’ll make a great conversation piece on Thanksgiving Day, too!

Stock up on non-perishibles ahead of time and save yourself future trips to the store once holiday cooking and baking begin

Before heading out to the store, don’t forget to check your local grocery ads for specials on any of the non-perishables you plan to buy. While you’re out, grab ingredients for a couple of cocktails and wind down the week with some friends. These Thanksgiving drink recipes are a real treat (the Pumpkin Pie martini is delicious!)

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