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Get Your Backyard Ready For Spring!

It’s been a while since we’ve had to do backyard maintenance. The task of backyard prep can be daunting, so we created a list of simple steps to help you prioritize projects and get your outdoor living space warm weather ready!

Jot down specific issue areas
• Garden, gutters, tool storage, border areas

Be as specific as possible about what needs to be improved/fixed in those areas

• Garden – prior to planting, the garden needs to be cleaned out because last summer’s plants were left through the fall and winter
• Gutters – the horizontal gutters around the roof are clogged because they didn’t get cleaned out before winter
• Tool storage – the gardening supplies and items in storage are in complete disarray
• Border areas – clean up around edge trim, fences and natural barriers that can collect debris in the fall

Look at your list again and determine what the outcomes will be for each item if the issue is not addressed

• Garden – it will delay planting for the spring and summer
• Gutters – clogging will cause problems with the roof creating leaks becoming a much larger and costly issue
• Tool storage – it will be difficult to get to any items/know where they are when they are needed
• Border areas – this organic debris is a breeding ground for weeds

Prioritize this checklist. Writing out the issues will help you determine which projects are immediate and those that can be put lower on the list.

• Gutters – has highest potential to become a serious and costly issue
• Tool storage – it will be easier to clean the garden if I know where all my tools are
• Border areas – this will be much more difficult to clean up and maintain and can spread if not addressed early in the season
• Garden – this is important, but I can clean out the garden and plant at the same time

These simple steps may take a little more time than simply throwing a list together, but follow these steps and you’re guaranteed to get jobs done quicker.  Then you’re ready for your new patio furniture and outdoor living environment to be set up!  Come visit the store today for the best selection and special orders for your custom design and be ready or SPRING!