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Make a Statement with your Christmas Tree

The Holiday Season is now in full swing! Take a look at our tree decorating tips to learn how to make your Christmas Tree fun, fabulous and designer this year!


Working within a theme is helpful when planning for decorating. A theme can be anything you can think of: color, floral, Santa, Snowmen, Plaid, Farmhouse, etc.  Anything can be a theme.  Stick within your subject, carrying through the tree skirt to tie it all together.  Our Winter Wonderland showroom is decorated by theme to make it easy to create your personal Christmas style in your own home.

Create a Line

Create a strong decorating line for your tree. Aim for an ‘S’ line or straight vertical line to accentuate your collection. You can create a line by the use of ribbon or as simply as the placement of ornaments. An ‘S’ line is exactly what is says – picture a large S in the front of your tree and that is the line you use to place your décor.


When decorating your Christmas tree, think in terms of layers. Start with lights, and then add ribbon or decorative garland.  Hang large focal points, add florals and finally hang ornaments.  Top it off with a star (or a topper that best fits your theme).


Be sure to hang your larger ornaments deep inside the tree with the smaller or crystal ornaments on the outer branches.  This will create depth and keep your tree from looking flat.  It is crucial to keep in mind the depth rule for florals and lights. Varying the size of the decorations and mixing up textures with shiny and matte finishes add depth to the tree, making it look larger than it is.  This will help fill your room and add to the rest of your Christmas décor!

Start out your decorating with the best foundation, check out our huge selection of artificial Christmas trees in-store and online today.