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Memorial Day Cookout

Fire up the barbecue, stir up a batch of lemonade and get ready for some outdoor fun this Memorial Day weekend or anytime for a tasty meal. Traditionally, this weekend launches ‘outdoor cooking season’. So, let me give you a few tips to help make the weekend go on without a hitch: plan ahead.

You need to choose a grill that makes your food taste the best, but more importantly, helps you cook delicious food. We have narrowed our top choices down to the electric and charcoal grill.

Electric Grill

An outdoor electric grill is quick and easy. Electric grills make it possible to cook from balconies, RV’s, boat docks and anywhere that open flames are prohibited. You can grill, sear, roast and bake in a quick and easy way. The grill does not need any type of fuel, simply plug in and turn on. The grills only require a few minutes to warm up, so you are cooking in no time. Just wipe down your cooking grate and you’re ready to enjoy the company of your guests. Browse through our electric grills and decide between the porcelain, stainless steel or gray models.


Charcoal Grill

The advantages of the charcoal grill are less straightforward. Yes, of course there is more clean up when using a charcoal grill but the flavor of the charcoal creates a true barbecue taste. Charcoals can create more heat, therefore create a hotter grill and if you’re a cooking connoisseur you know that heat is your friend.  Charcoal grills also offer a hands-on experience. The grill offers intense smells that remind us of traditional summer cooking on the back porch.


Grill Accessories

These will add the finishing touch to the grill that you choose. Include a grill cart for an electric grill or maybe a bakers rack for all the fixings.

Remember, if you want to have a great gathering for Memorial Day you need to think through all the details. Enjoy a safe holiday with your friends and family!