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Patio Heaters – What’s the difference?

Using a patio heater is a great way to extend the life of your outdoor living area as seasons change. Keeping yourself and guests cozy with a patio heater is a great alternative to a campfire or just staying indoors.

Patio heaters come in a wide range of materials and colors to compliment any outdoor area: bronze, copper, and stainless steel are just a few choices. In addition to the look of your patio heater, you need to consider how it will function and where it will fit into your outdoor space. We’ll help you wade through to options to decide what best fits your needs:



Using a patio heater fueled by natural gas requires a direct connection to the gas source. Running a heater with natural gas is inexpensive and a little cleaner than propane, but since it has to be connected at the source, you lose the option of being able to move it around. Also consider that depending on your geographic area, natural gas may not be a readily available source of fuel, however, for people who already heat their homes with natural gas, this may be the simplest way to go.



Propane is readily available almost everywhere, and units using propane have more mobility. Using a propane heater comes with a bit of maintenance since you will have to replace the tanks (similar to a gas grill).



For those who want a no-maintenance option, an electric patio heater is the way to go. This is a versatile, inexpensive and energy efficient option, and the heat from an electric patio heater is also unaffected by the wind. You may, however, want to consider whether natural gas or electricity is the cheaper energy source in your geographic location.


Size and Location

Patio heaters come in many sizes—not just the large units that sit on the ground. These large heaters, generally about six to over seven feet tall are great for heating areas up to 18 or 20 feet in diameter. But if you have a smaller area, there are several other effective options. One is the tabletop patio heater, which weigh less than half of what a larger unit would and can still heat the outdoor area 10-25 degrees higher. There are also wall-mounted heaters that can throw out a nine foot blanket of heat, and heaters that can be attached to a patio umbrella and fold down when not in use (both of these options are electric). Whichever patio heater you choose, rest assured that you will stay warm and comfortable while still being able to enjoy the outdoors in autumn.  Click here to shop our patio heater selection online.