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Preparing for Spring!

Despite the weather, keep in mind, Spring is finally just around the corner. So now is the best time to start daydreaming of spending time in your backyard and enjoying your personalized outdoor living environment. In order to create your desired atmosphere prepare with these simple tips:

1- Look to your garden. Your garden is the backdrop to your oasis picture. Start deciding what flowers you want to plant. Then clean your flowerbed of any leaves and unwanted winter leftovers.

2- Look at your patio or deck and plan a seating arrangement shape. Do you want it open? Is there enough room? Is it accommodating for a party? Will guests be comfortable? Can you add a fire pit and get outside earlier?

3- Examine your outdoor patio furniture. Leaving your furniture in your garage or basement is not a full proof way to keep them in great condition. Make sure your furniture is in good shape and think if you need to switch out cushions or purchase a new umbrella.

4- Do you need accent pieces? You have the furniture and have mapped out the destination for your oasis, yet many people overlook accent pieces. When you entertain in your backyard your friends will need places to put their glasses and get comfortable. Make sure you have side tables and pillows. With glasses you may want to think about an outdoor bakers rack or tea cart. This small piece adds flavor to your entertaining. 

5- Schedule a kickoff party to the spring season. Once you have your oasis created invite your friends and family over to celebrate the good weather. This will begin many hours spent relaxing with friends and enjoying the perfect atmosphere you created.

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