Fiberglass Spring Plates 3×5

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Fiberglass Rocker Spring Plates do not have holes drilled. You will need to use the old spring plate as a template to measure and drill hole to fit your furniture. It is suggested that you use a drill press to make sure the holes are straight. Re-assemble the parts the same way that you took them apart. There should be a metal plate or washer between the bolt head and the spring plate.

The fiberglass spring plate is what keeps your swivel rocker patio chair from tipping backwards when you are sitting and rocking in the chair. It is not uncommon for spring plates to lose their “spring” or strength over time. Our fiberglass spring plates can be drilled to match the existing holes from your old spring plate. Spring plates can also be spray painted to match the color of your patio furniture. (Drills and Spray Paint not included with this product.

  • 3” x 5” Fiber Glass Rocker Spring Plate

    Spring Plate Replacement Instructions

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