2-Tray Ornament Storage Bag [48 Ornaments]

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Keep Your Christmas Ornaments Safe, Yet Easily Visible

Wrapping your glass ornaments in newspaper can lead to ornament breakage or discoloration from the acidic chemicals found in the very paper used to protect those ornaments. Take the proper precautions to protect your ornaments, and ensure that every single ornament lasts for many Christmases to come.

The Two Tray Christmas Ornament Storage Box provides a safe and organized way to store up to 48 (3”) ornaments, protecting even the most delicate of seasonal tree ornaments. In addition to protecting against shattering, the trays are lined with acid-free fabric to prevent damage and discoloration, ensuring that your favorite ornaments stay safe and sound all year ‘round.


  • Holds 48 (3-inch) seasonal tree ornaments
  • 2 removable trays with handles
  • Clear window lid allows easy contents viewing
  • Acid-free trays prevent ornament discoloration
  • Reinforced carrying handles
  • Made of durable, wipe-clean polyester fabric
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    Weight 5 lbs