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The 73390S replacement sling measures: 42″ L X 20″ W.

For a 2-seat glider, you will need to order 2 replacement slings.

This replacement sling is made for chairs that have an external cross bar at the top backside of the chair.

This high back replacement sling is available in all sling fabrics and will be same front, same back.

*Note: Estate top is no longer available, please use this replacement and remove estate wire.

Replacements are “make to order” with a 8+ week lead-time. (Orders are non-returnable )

73390S replacement sling fits the following Homecrest models (displayed by collection):

Affinity: 2C360, 2C370, 2C280, 2C440 Affinity Estate: EC360, EC370, EC280, EC440 Bay Crest: 28360, 28370, 28280 Baycrest Estate: E8280 Embassy: 27360, 27350, 27280 Embassy Estate: E7280 Highland: 74360, 74370, 74350, 74280, 74450 Florida: 3J360, 3J370, 3J580, 3J780, 3J240, 3J260, 3J280 Highland Estate: E4360, E4350, E4370, E4280 Holly Hill: 2A360, 2A370, 2A580, 2A780, 2A240, 2A480, 2A280 Holly Hill Estate: EA360, EA370, EA240, EA260, EA280 Florida Estate: EJ360, EJ370, EJ240, EJ260, EJ280 Harmony: 3H360, 3H370, 3H280 Harmony Estate: EH360, EH370, EH280 Kensington II: 40360, 40470, 40580, 40780, 40280, 40480 Kensington II Estate: E0360, E0470, E0280 Majorca, Cricket: 72390, 72370, 72330, 72750 Harmony Estate: 2636D, 2635D, 2628D Manor House Estate, Ducks Unlimited: E636D, E635D, E628D Montgomery: 3M360, 3M370, 3M280 Montgomery Estate: EM360, EM370, EM280 Palisade: 7E360, 7E370, 7E580, 7E780, 7E280, 7E480 Palm Bay: 75360, 73370, 75470, 75580, 75780, 75280, 75480 Palm Bay Estate: E5360, E3370, E5280 Palma: 73390, 73370, 73230, 73330, 73750 Pasadena: 62371, 62361, 62580, 62780, 62480 Princeton: 73396, 73399, 73339, 73376, 73236, 73336 Trinity: 32360, 32350 Yale: 75366, 75476

Homecrest Replacement Sling Installation

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

AgateII, Alloy, Aluminum, Bocha, Bisque, Bossanova, Brushstroke, Carbon, Chestnut, CadetII, CameoII, Dorset, Draw, Espresso, CedarII, Fennel, Glacier, CognacII, Gull, Havanna, Hickory, Kamali, Madras, Moss, Niko, Pewter, Platinum, Porcelain, Redwood, Roma, Spring, Storm, OnyxII, Terrace, Titan, Twine, Vineyard, Earth, Gravel, Malachite, Pria, Ridge, Sahara, SedonaII, Tungsten, Poppy, Caribbean, ZincII


Carbonwelt, Cognacwelt, Glacierwelt, Hickorywelt, Nikowelt, Onyxwelt, Porcelainwelt, Sedonawelt, Stormwelt, Titanwelt


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