Tree Keeper Storage Bag for Large Girth Hinged Trees

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The TreeKeeper Large Girth features adjustable straps on one side to cinch down excess material and is wider than the other bags for your bigger tree.

A TreeKeeper Large Girth Tree Bag is a quick and easy way to store your tree for the year. The TreeKeeper storage bag attaches to your existing tree stand like a tree skirt. At the end of the holiday season, just open up the bag and pull upward, compressing the branches. The top fastens with a simple drawstring, and your tree is ready to store away for another year.

Set up your tree in minutes: When it's that time of year again, grab your tree from storage, unfasten the top zippers and straps, pull down the bag and your tree is ready to decorate!

  • Fits trees up to 9' tall to 80 inches wide. Artificial Christmas trees vary in density and needle tip count, if your tree is on the wider side and very dense, it may be too big for this bag.
  • Multiple reinforced carrying handles
  • Reinforced collar. Heavy Duty steel collar assembly strengthens and protects the trunk of your tree while keeping a tight grip.
  • Heavy Duty Construction.
  • Made of durable, wipe-clean polyester fabric
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    Weight 10 lbs