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Say Goodbye to the Winter Blues

Winter blues are common in January and February. This stretch of cold, wintry weather is wearing, and it seems as though the long, dreary days will never end. But there are several ways you can decorate your home to brighten things up and combat the winter woes.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Create space and depth in a room by positioning a large mirror on a wall. A mirror can also make a cramped room feel larger. If you have more wall space, try adding small paintings on either side of the mirror.

Its the Little Things That Matter

Add small pieces of furniture to a room. This can be a small bench or a low table. Place current magazines, journals and newspapers on coffee, end or side tables. Add flowers and small seasonal plants to liven up the room.

Brighten Your Day

If a room looks dark and dull, new lighting is your answer to make long evenings feel cozy. Add table lamps or a floor lamp for additional lighting. If this isn’t feasible, switch out lampshades for fresh colors, textures and styles.

Tackle the Walls

Pick that vibrant, fresh color you’ve always liked and paint! If you don’t want to paint all of your walls, just paint one to serve as an accent.

Trade Your Shades

Change out your window treatments. If you have heavy and dark draperies, consider purchasing sheer curtains or curtains made out of a lighter weight fabric. If your blinds are a dark wood, trade out for lighter, earthy tones. This will lighten the room and create a more airy atmosphere.

Don’t “Walk All Over” the Floor

Bring in a new area rug. Don’t forget about the floor when designing a room. Choose a rug that will bring some attention down to the floor. You can select a solid colored rug or a patterned rug to suit your tastes and the room’s décor.

Bring the Outside In

Bring a little of the outdoors inside to bring spring closer to arriving. Pick up a fresh flower arrangement or house plant. You can even get plantings started now for your outdoor garden in the spring. Floral themed decor artwork and accent printed fabric items like throw pillows can also add that touch of sunshine to a drab winter day.

Stop into the Seasonal Concepts showroom today or visit us online to get rid of your winter blues and start to lighten things up. Fresh floral and permanent floral arrangements are always in season in our design department. Find that one-of-a-kind accent or inspiration piece to add a pop of color to get you through the longest days of winter…spring is on the way!