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Perfect Your Patio in Time For Spring

Spring has sprung!  Now it’s time to wash away the winter woes and start thinking about warmer months.  Before outdoor chores can pile up, complete your checklist and get ready to get down and dirty over the next few weeks!

Here’s a list of the core 12 spring to-dos for getting your outdoor living space ready for the great weather to come.

  1. Power wash the patio surface, making sure to get all of the winter dirt and grime off of your surfaces.
  2. Pull out outdoor rugs.  A good cleaning will make it shine!
  3. Uncover your patio furniture or pull it out of storage.
  4. Scrub patio furniture and patio furniture cushions.  No matter how you store them, they usually need freshened up or replaced.  I suggest looking into environmentally-friendly cleaner.  It’s safe for your furniture and cushions, and, more importantly, your guests and children.
  5. Check all of your landscaping lights for any needed repairs or bulb changes.
  6. Pull out and scrub stored flowerpots with warm water.  Make sure you aren’t using any soap or chemicals that will contaminate the potting soils.
  7. Give the grill a good spring-cleaning and tune up, and make sure the gas tank is full.
  8. Trim any shrubs or stray branches that may have grown into patio or path areas.
  9. Fresh mulch in your flowerbeds and landscaped areas dress up the space and give plants and shrubs their spring protection against fluctuating temperatures and last minute spring storms.
  10. Inspect flowerbeds or landscaped areas for stray garbage or other foreign objects that winter storms may have washed and blown into your garden.
  11. Treat lawn and garden for late winter weeds and pre-emergent to keep weeds manageable throughout the spring.
  12. Freshen up your outdoor living space with accessories such as lanterns, lights, pillows, flower pots, etc.

You may have more or less steps depending on your outdoor space, but these 12 steps are getting our backyard in great shape!  How do you spruce up your space for the coming months?  Let us know!