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7 Recommendations for Outdoor Living in 2021

Outdoor Living is a bigger trend than ever as we move into 2021. New design, colors and products are arriving to our showroom now. The Pantone color of the year for 2021 is highlighted in our feature image, the surprise for 2021…”two independent colors that highlight how different elements come together to support one another, best express the mood for 2021.” Serene Ultimate Gray and sunny Illuminating Yellow. So how can you optimize your outdoor living space for the best experience while currently spending more time at home? We have a few recommendations for you:


  1. Turn things inside out!  Have breakfast on the patio, take the laptop outside under the umbrella for the next Zoom meeting, invite the neighbor over for a social distanced happy hour. With a great patio dining set you can dine outside, relax in the sun with a cold beverage, and most important of all change your perspective with a new view outside the house!
  2. Add an outdoor kitchen or bar. Create a vacation atmosphere in your backyard with a convenient cooking space, cooler table and beverage cart, or both. Add a portable pizza oven for your own patio bistro. If you can’t take that vacation this year, invest in a staycation environment in your own backyard.
  3. Add some light and extend your outdoor time. Add some outdoor lighting features. Nothing creates an inviting atmosphere more than the warmth of soft lighting. Decorative string lights, lanterns, outdoor LED candles,  lamps and solar lighting are all great options.
  4. Create some warmth outdoors.  From an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, fire table, tabletop fire feature and outdoor heaters…we have a plethora of fire options available to suit any space.
  5. Don’t forget to accessorize. Cushions, pillows, blankets, rugs…all of the comforts of your indoor living space are now available and made for outdoor living. Store your accessories in a convenient deck box for ease of access and to keep them clean and dry. Small water features can add some peace, serenity and visual interest to your space.
  6. Don’t forget the kiddos! A creative play area adjacent to your outdoor living space can create fun for the whole family. Check out these cute kids adirondack chairs sized just for them. The adults get a break and the kids are occupied with outdoor fun and away from screens.
  7. Create a garden.  Healthy and beneficial to the grocery budget, a edible garden can be a home school project for the kids to participate in as well.  A few planters or flower beds can create a beautiful view from the home office window to brighten the work-from-home day.

Do you need to create a foundation for your outdoor space? Visit Belgard for more tips on setting up the area before you deck it out. Come see us at our Overland Park Seasonal Concepts showroom or work with our experienced customer service representative live online to customize your space today.  You could be enjoying a great outdoors in your own back yard now.

Best Vacation Spot: Your Own Backyard

The dog days of summer are approaching… are you looking to escape for an affordable yet convenient “vacation”?  Try your own backyard, think of it as your own personal oasis.

Here are my 10 Tips to creating a “staycation” in your own surroundings:

  1. For a small investment add some new colors with replacement cushions.  New cushions can bring your old furniture back to life and not hurt your wallet.
  2. Brighten your outdoors with a new umbrella.  Brings a new look to your entire set of patio furniture. This is perfect for still feeling the warmth of outside without having the sun in your eyes.
  3. Keep your chairs, but change out your dining table.  Go from glass top to the durable cast aluminum. To have a nice table to do crafts or games on is always a good idea and a good time!
  4. Bring the element of sound to your outdoor living space with beautiful wind chimes. The calming sounds will bring the spa to your backyard.
  5. Add a chaise lounge to bring new dimension to your outdoor living area.
  6. Love your sling chairs?  This is a perfect spot for a comfortable afternoon nap.
  7. Add some colorful throw pillows (good for that nap) to spruce-up your outdoor furniture. Mix and matching with pillows can bring your furniture back to life.
  8. Create a new centerpiece by adding a fire pit that also serves as a beverage cooler.  Here your family can have that camping atmosphere while roast marshmallows or hot dogs over the fire.
  9. An ottoman or pouf can be used to prop up your feet or be additional seating, to make sure everyone is always at easy in your backyard vacation.
  10. Preserve the finish on your deck and accessorize your living space with outdoor rugs.   Rugs create a completed touch to your outdoor retreat.

Remember you can have a family game night, a day of sunbathing, a girls’ night with margaritas or a romantic dinner for two all in your own backyard.  It’s just about creating that perfect atmosphere.  #Staycation