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Unique Seating for Your Backyard

Traditional seating is essential for dining purposes, but fill your backyard with additional options for your guests to kick back and relax.

Laidback Bliss

Chaise lounges are ideal for poolside, but whether your backyard has aquatic capabilities or not, chaise lounges are still great seating.  Chaise lounges create a comfortable way for your guests to throw their feet up after they’ve enjoyed a fabulous meal.

Garden Getaway

Transform your flower patch into your own secret garden.  Add a garden bench in a cozy space surrounded by freshly planted flowers.  This secret spot will be a great getaway that doubles as a fun hide-and-seek hiding place for the kids!

Holy Hammocks!

Don’t let traditional dining sets scare you away from fun seating in the rest of your yard.  Hammocks are a great addition to creating your own island getaway.  Surprise your guests with your nontraditional seating and watch as they argue over who gets to take a swing next.

Where’s the Beach?

Sand is a fun, cheap way to transform a backyard into a beachy playground.  Accessorize the kids’ jungle-gym by adding beach chairs to their island oasis.  This is a great place to eat sticky, summertime treats without getting the rest of the yard completely messy.

Glittering Glide

Celebrate the beautiful summer night skies with a glider.  Find a perfect spot in your back or front year where the trees are few and the sky is easily visible.  Spend warm summer evenings watching the sunset and the stars shine.


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